Adopt a Beehive

Adopt a hive with us and you will immediately have a positive impact on the environment. A new hive of bees will be created, this will in turn increase pollination and therefore have a positive impact on the food supply chain.  We hope that you will come onboard with our Beehive Adoption Scheme to help reverse this decline.

Here at Gwenyn Gruffydd we are passionate about trying to help increase awareness of the complex challenges honeybees face and opportunities associated with this environmental issue for businesses, large companies, schools and organisations as well as families.

We are seeking to raise awareness of this massive environmental problem of pollinator decline. Businesses, organisation and schools to name but a few have a moral responsibility for biodiversity, health and well-being for our futures. Gwenyn Gruffydd has an effective solution for delivering some of these responsibilities by providing a specific solution to help reverse the decline of one of our most important pollinators, honeybees hence Adopt a Beehive Scheme. Our Beehive Adoption Scheme is available to all businesses, organisations, schools, local authorities, groups and many more.

Adoption Questions

There are some questions we get asked a lot, so yours may well be one of them. Have a look and see if we’ve answered it here.

Frequently Asked Questions 


Watch our Adopt a Beehive Scheme Video Launch