Adopt a Beehive FAQ

Check out the frequently asked questions below for some of the common things we’re asked about our beehive adoptions.


What adoption packages do you have available?

We have three different types of adoption packages:
Family Beehive Adoption
Business Beehive Adoption
School Beehive Adoption


How much does an adoption cost?

Family Hive Sponsorship £250+ VAT

Business Hive Sponsorship £300+VAT

School Hive Sponsorship £300+VAT

Payment is made as a one-off payment for the whole year but you are given the option to renew the adoption for a further year a month before the adoption expires.


What do you receive?

As part of your Adopt a Hive you will receive all of the items detailed below as part of your adoption scheme. 

 A Family Beehive Adoption includes:

  • 1 x New wooden hive of honeybees installed in one of our Carmarthenshire apiaries
  • A welcome letter
  • Adoption Certificate (Digital or physical)
  • 6 x 340g of delicious Welsh wildflower honey, harvested and labelled by hand delivered to your door
  • Family 90 minute Meet The Bees Experience Session at Gwenyn Gruffydd HQ (up to a max of 6 individuals. Suitable for ages 10+. Must be accompanied by adults.

A Business Beehive Adoption includes:

  • 1 x New wooden beehive of honeybees installed in one of our Carmarthenshire Apiaries
  • 1 x A4 Adoption Certificate (Digital or physical)
  • 24 x 142g (5oz) jars of your delicious honey, harvested and labelled by hand directly from the beehive to your door 
  • Access to our wholesale prices to buy more honey from your hive(s), which make excellent corporate gifts and can be branded for your company for an additional fee
  • You'll get regular seasonal social media updates during the summer beekeeping season on your branded hive including photos and videos
  • Framed Picture of your hive
  • Bespoke plaque featuring your logo fixed to your hive
  • For every 2 hives you adopt, we donate a bee friendly tree to a local community group or school
  • Your company logo will be uploaded to our dedicated Adopt a Beehive Client page
  • We can paint the hives to match your corporate colour free of charge as long as you provide us with the paint or cover the cost for the paint

A School Beehive Adoption includes:

  • 1 x New wooden hive of honeybees installed in one of our Carmarthenshire apiaries
  • 1 x A4 Adoption Certificate for the school to proudly display (Digital or physical)
  • 24 x 142g (5oz) jars of your delicious honey, harvested and labelled by hand directly from the beehive to your school 
  • Access to our wholesale prices to buy more honey from your hive(s), and can be branded for your school for an additional fee. The school children can even be involved in designing labels!
  • You'll get regular seasonal social media updates during the summer beekeeping season on your hive including photos and videos from Gruffydd the beekeeper
  • Framed Picture of your hive
  • Bespoke plaque featuring your school logo fixed to your hive
  • Depending on School location from us, either a 30 minute visit to the school with the honeybees in an observation hive or a virtual meet the bees over video call - Schools located in Carmarthenshire will be eligible for a 30 minute visit to the school by our experienced beekeeper with honeybees in an observation hive, giving the children the opportunity to see the bees up close. For schools further afield, a virtual meet the bees will be most likely, call to discuss.



Why Adopt a Hive From Gwenyn Gruffydd ?

Our Adopt a Beehive Scheme was launched in April 2019 and we were the first to offer such a scheme in Wales.  We are a family run business, passionate about bees, the environment and the craft of beekeeping and have been beekeepers for over 10 years. Gruffydd, our beekeeper manages over 100 hives in rural South West Wales and is Accredited under the DASH Scheme for Honeybees by the National Bee Unit (NBU).


Since launching our Adopt a Hive scheme, we’ve built up a large client base from small local businesses to National and Multi-national companies as well as schools and families over the last couple of years. Head over to our Bee Loving Clients to see which companies are proud sponsors of our Beehives.  


Who can join the Adopt a Beehive Scheme?

Our Beehive Adoption Scheme is available to all businesses, organisations, schools, local authorities, groups and families. 


What’s the purpose of the Scheme?

We are seeking to raise awareness of this massive environmental problem of pollinator decline through our Adopt a Beehive scheme. Businesses, organisation and schools to name but a few have a moral responsibility for biodiversity, health and well-being for our futures. Gwenyn Gruffydd has an effective solution for delivering some of these responsibilities by providing a specific solution to help reverse the decline of one of our most important pollinators, honeybees.


Adopting a hive with us will immediately have a positive impact on the environment. A new hive of bees will be created, this will in turn increase pollination and therefore have a positive impact on the food supply chain. Businesses can also use our scheme as a contributor to their own carbon offsetting goals. We hope that your business will come onboard with our Beehive Adoption Scheme to help reverse this decline.


Why should your business Adopt a Beehive?

Improve your Corporate, Social Responsibility in a cost effective with immediate environmental impact

Marketing and PR opportunities - so many feel good and unique opportunities for media, social media

Honey - delicious honey directly from your hive(s) delivered to you without the mess!

Regular seasonal updates on the progress of your hive(s)

Why are Bees important?

Bees are vital members of the natural world. Many of the world’s food crops rely on pollination by bees. In fact, it has been estimated that a third of what we eat worldwide involves pollination by bees. Examples include strawberries, apples, tomatoes, other fruit, seeds and nuts. Bees also pollinate plants that we use for medicine and plants that wild animals and livestock feed on.


During recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the important service bees and other beneficial insects give through pollinating many agricultural and horticultural crops as well as wild flora. The value of honey bees as a pollinator far outweighs their value as honey producers and the UK’s crop pollination industry has an estimated value that is greater than £400 million every year!


What's happening to Bees?

Bees and other pollinators in many parts of the world are under threat and their numbers are declining according to several researches. There is evidence that Honeybee numbers and other pollinators have fallen and are less abundant than they have been. There are several possible causes including pest and diseases, loss of habitat as well as possible Climate change disruptions which are causing disruptions to weather patterns and seasons.

We also offer talks and presentations - all done by Gruffydd, the beekeeper who is Welsh first language and presentations can be done in either language.


What date does the adoption start?

If a start date is not specified on the application form, the adoption will automatically start from the date the adoption is processed.


Where will our hive be located?

Your sponsored beehive will be located in one of our rural Carmarthenshire Apiaries


Can our Sponsored Beehive bee hosted on our premises?

Normally no, as beekeepers we need to visit our hives every week to look after and care for them. We plan inspections into our workload. Each site needs multiple hives to make the visit efficient and cost effective. However if you have a suitable location for multiple hives and are happy with them being there long term we would be interested in talking about this further.


Can we adopt multiple hives?

Yes of course you can. You can adopt a single beehive or multiples. Our clients normally adopt between 1 and 10 hives per business.


When will we receive our honey?

We only extract honey once a year, usually around September depending on seasonal conditions. We will extract honey from your hive, jar and label it during the autumn and get it sent direct to you in time for Christmas.


We’d want our company logo to appear on the honey labels

Having personalised branded labels is absolutely possible  - these are perfect to give to stakeholders, clients and others. If you’re interested in having your own branded honey labels, please enquire.


Can our Sponsored beehive be painted in our corporate colour?

Our Sponsored Hives are stained in Bee Friendly brown paint as standard however if you’d like your hive to be painted in your corporate colour we can do this FOC if you supply us with the paint.


Can we visit our beehive?

Yes absolutely! We don’t keep all of our beehives at our home HQ Apiary but can accommodate small groups at all of our apiaries. For larger groups the visits would have to be done at our HQ apiary. Visits can only take place during the beekeeping season which normally runs between May and September and is always weather dependent and always by prior arrangement. 


How can I apply for an adoption? 

There are several ways you can apply for an adoption. The easiest and quickest way is to click on buy online. Alternatively, you can purchase email us at to enquire


Corporate Responsibility

You’re probably reading this page because your business or company is committed to minimising your own environmental impact and what better way than signing up to an exciting partnership with Gwenyn Gruffydd by adopting a beehive

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is imperative as most consumers consider how the business deals with environmental impact of their business operations. 

Adopting a hive from Gwenyn Gruffydd will make a positive and almost immediate impact on the environment and is a cost effective CSR activity that your business can be part of. Enhanced brand recognition and reputation



  • Enjoy the wide-ranging benefits of keeping bees without the work and mess or getting your hands sticky through the beehive adoption scheme! 

  • Delicious honey from the hive delivered directly to you 


What Marketing and PR Opportunities will the scheme offer? 

There are so many PR and social media opportunities. Be part of the Gwenyn Gruffydd Team and appear across all our social media platforms. We will make YouTube videos, post it on our channel showcasing your adopted hive complete with a eco friendly messaging outlining the benefits of being part of the scheme. This will be a great plug for your business which you can share across your own social media platforms.  You will receive a license free copy of all media content we produce involving your hive so that your own PR team can edit and reuse the content as you wish.

Opportunity to send your own Media Team to film and take photos of your hive(s) at no extra cost.

Gruffydd himself (head beekeeper) can be available to come up directly to your head office to do a presentation & talk to your staff members or corporate board members or stakeholders about bees and beekeeping (additional fees including travel & accommodation apply)

Have many seasonal feel good stories for your customers and supporters

Your hive will create numerous unique opportunities to promote your business - we’re very flexible and happy to try and accommodate different ideas.