Saving honeybees

We rely on honeybees. Bees are vital members of the natural world. Many of the world’s food crops rely on pollination by bees. In fact, it has been estimated that a third of what we eat worldwide involves pollination by bees.

Examples include strawberries, apples, tomatoes, other fruit, seeds and nuts. Bees also pollinate plants that we use for medicine and plants that wild animals and livestock feed on.

Numerous factors including habitat loss, agricultural intensification, pests, disease and climate change contribute to these declines.

What can your school do to help?

Why not Adopt a Beehive for your school? Your school can make an immediate environmental impact by increasing honeybee numbers straight away. Your adopted hive will be located at one of our apiaries and will be fully managed by Gruffydd himself, who is an Award Winning, experienced beekeeper, member of the Bee Farmers Association and has completed his Disease Assurance Scheme for honeybees. See plans available for your school at the bottom of this page.

Other services

Gruffydd, the beekeeper is available to come out to the school to do a talk about bees and beekeeping with children. Gruffydd is bilingual, Welsh first language and can therefore do the talk to children of all ages in any of the two languages. We produce Award Winning Honey and regularly do media work for S4C. The Award Winning bee farmer himself will come out to the school. Why would you want to learn about bees from anybody else! Please fill in the contact form below to get in touch with your requirements.

We have worked in collaboration with Canolfan Peniarth, University of Wales Trinity St Davids to produce this fact book from the series "Do you know?" Fact books for children in the Foundation Stage.

Thank you for your interest in Adopting a Hive(s) for your school. 

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