Farming Connect Mentoring



Who is this for?

The mentoring programme is targeted at farmers and foresters registered with Farming Connect  in Wales including:

  • new entrants
  • businesses considering significant strategic change in direction (diversification, added value, expansion, new enterprises)
  • individuals looking to exit the industry
  • businesses or individuals facing difficulties or hardship
Of course, the service is also suitable for individuals looking for a second opinion, sounding board and support with day to day business.

What does it include?

Eligible mentees can access 15 hours of fully funded mentoring services with us. We can communicate via face-to-face visits, telephone conversations or video calling to name just a few. Please note that the 15 hours allocated includes the mentor’s travel time if they were to visit you.

Where does this take place?

We are happy to mentor anyone from across Wales but as noted above, the 15 hours allocated includes our travel time. However you are more than welcome to be mentored here at Gwenyn Gruffydd HQ. 

Why would I want a Mentor?

In Farming Connect's words: "Our Mentors have ‘been there, done that’ and can develop relationships based on mutual trust and respect." We will be able to share our knowledge, experience, and impartial views to help you identify your beekeeping goals and fulfil your potential. It's an opportunity to develop communication skills, to listen, learn and expand your viewpoints which in turn may help you find new ways to approach new situations and deal with challenges.

Selecting your mentor
If you would like to be mentored by Gruffydd, you will need to complete the Mentoring Programme application form on the Farming Connect website. They will then inform us as pass on your contact details us. Gruffydd is Welsh first language and is happy to carry out the mentoring in either Welsh or English.

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